New ways of remembrance

Unique memorial-trees for crematoria, cemeteries, memorial gardens, auditoriums, and individual graves

The corten steel memorial-tree is a ‘living monument’. The name, birth and death date of the deceased is engraved on a personalised metal leaf and hung from the tree, serving as a lasting memory.

A place for lasting memories

Memorial-Trees provides cemeteries, crematoria, burial grounds and even funeral homes and hospices with robust yet elegantly shaped corten weathering steel ‘trees’ that provide a new way of remembering. Engraved memorial-leaves are attached for lasting memories.

Memorial-trees are a cost-effective alternative for cemeteries when existing graves are removed or when there is no space for individual graves.

For crematoriums they are a modern alternative to an urn wall or memorial. Relatives will still have a special place where they can return to and remember the deceased.

Made of beautiful material

Made of beautiful material

Our memorial-trees are made from specialised corten weathering steel, and are a unique contemporary object for any memorial space.

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The name, birth and death dates of the deceased are engraved onto a personalised memorial-leaf that is attached to the memorial-tree for a lasting memory.

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Also suitable for indoor use

Smaller sized memorial-trees are also possible for indoor use. For example, temporary use at a memorial or funeral service, or just as a beautiful object d’art.

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Available in multiple sizes

There are memorial-trees for many types of use. We can supply memorial trees in sizes varying from 60 cm up to 4 meters.

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Transport and installation

The transport and installation of your memorial-tree will be taken care of by us and our highly qualified partner companies.

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Also for individuals

Smaller sizes of memorial-trees are available as well. For example, to use as a beautiful individual grave or monument.

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Custom remembrance projects

Apart from our memorial trees, we also design and install custom projects, focussing on new and contemporary ways of remembrance.

For example, a memorial pond with 36 ceramic water lily urns, or a memorial garden with 48 marble columns with urn caches topped with hand crafted ceramic pine-cones.

Please contact us to learn more about a custom remembrance project.