A unique and lasting memory

The name of a loved one lives on. Engraved on a vibrant golden coloured memorial leaf and placed within a timeless and beautiful COR TEN steel memorial tree.

With your memorial garden, cemetery, inside or outdoor remembrance space, you provide customers with an innovative & unique opportunity to memorialise the name of their loved ones.

Cemeteries, crematoriums, funeral directors, hospices, hospitals, charities, sports and social organisations have been enthusing about our memorial trees since the launch of this sustainable and maintenance free design in early 2016. Expanding and innovating on your service package that not only appeals to customers and supporters, but as a work of art that is welcoming and enriches the landscape and your premises.

Originating in the Netherlands and now in Belgium, The United Kingdom, Ireland, France, and soon in Australia.

Made of beautiful material

Our memorial trees are made from specialized corten weathering steel and are a unique contemporary object for any memorial space.

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Available in multiple sizes

There are memorial trees for more types of use. We can supply memorial trees in sizes varying from 60 cm up to 4 meters.

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Maintenance-free long lifespan

Memorial trees are exposed year after year to all types of weather conditions. Placed in public areas, where there is a risk of vandalism.

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Personalised memorial leaves

The name, birth and death dates of the deceased are engraved onto a personalized memorial leaf that is attached tot the memorial tree for a lasting memory.

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Foundation and installation

The transport and installation of your memorial tree will be taken care of by us and our highly qualified British partner companies.

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COR TEN steel is 100% recyclable and durable. Without additional layers (paint), it can be easily  repurposed.

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From concept to reality

The concept of a modern memorial originated from Anita van Bokhorst and José Visser. From their idea, José designed the memorial tree, shortly before her sudden death in 2016.

Lovingly, Anita and José’s husband Diederik Everts continue the (Dutch) company Gedenk-Bomen. There are now dozens of memorial trees in the Netherlands and several other European countries. In each installed tree a memorial leaf with José’s name is placed.

Anita van Bokhorst and José Visser

Custom remembrance projects

Apart from our memorial trees, we also design and install custom projects, focussing on new and contemporary ways of remembrance.

For example, a memorial pond with 36 ceramic water lily urns, or a memorial garden with 48 marble columns with urn caches topped with hand crafted ceramic pine-cones.

Please contact us to learn more about a custom remembrance project.