Unique memorial-trees for cemetaries, crematoriums, burial grounds, memorial gardens,
auditoriums, individual graves & also inside memorial spaces

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Gedenk-bomen is situated in Haarlem, The Netherlands, but we are active in several other European countries as well. 

Please use the contact form on this page for asking questions, or ordering our products. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Alternatively you may contact one of our team members directly, for example Marko Dakin, who is our representative in the UK.


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Note. The adresses below are for administrative purposes only, and not used for receiving vistitors.

Memorial-Trees / Gedenk-bomen
Jaagpad 36
2034 JM Haarlem, Netherlands
info@gedenk-bomen.nl (Dutch)
Tel. +31 (0)23 202 53 62 (Dutch)

marko@memorial-trees.co.uk (English)
Tel. +31 (0)6 28 44 55 66 (English)

Company information
Registered address:
Vergierdeweg 275
2026 BJ Haarlem, Netherlands
KvK: 67180027 (Chamber of Commerce, Amsterdam)

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