Maintenance-free long lifespan

Memorial trees are exposed year after year to all types of weather conditions. Sometimes in public areas, where there is sometimes a risk of vandalism. All these factors have been included in the development of our memorial trees.

Exceptional lifespan

Memorial trees are made of COR TEN weathering steel. COR TEN steel is an extremely strong metal alloy of iron to which copper, phosphorus, silicon, nickel and chromium have been added. We use the best alloy: quality S35555J0WP with a service life that is eight times longer than the usual construction of steel with a comparable strength.


After exposure to the outside air and rain, a velvety and protective oxidation layer (Patina) forms within 2 to 6 months. This layer not only prevents further corrosion, but also gives this stunning monument and artwork a beautiful natural look. After this first period the COR TEN steel decreases, due to oxidation, by only 0.1 mm per 10 years.

As a result, COR TEN steel has a long lifespan and no maintenance costs. The special appearance (patina) remains with the passage of time.

Extremely robust

Our memorial trees are extremely stable and with a long life-span of many decades. The tree consists of six COR TEN steel limbs and a base plate. All are precision laser cut from a COR TEN steel plate by a three-generation family firm of laser cutting and welding specialists (AK Bryan, Alfreton, Derbyshire) and welded together on-site.


A concrete foundation has been developed especially for the memorial trees (320 cm and 220 cm) by Gem Precast, Doncaster, Yorkshire. This established business with extensive experience of cemetery and crematorium installations both manufactures the foundation and with their business partners Greenacre Productions, install the foundation and memorial tree. The total ground load is more than 1,500 kg.

The memorial tree has been extensively tested for load and stability. Even with a horizontal wind load with wind gusts of 140 km/h, the construction will remain stable.


COR TEN steel is 100% recyclable and durable. Because it is a pure type of steel without additional protective layers (paint), it can be easily melted down again and repurposed.