What are memorial trees

In recent decades there has been a shift from burials to cremations. Crematoria and cemeteries have been given a new role as a result. They are proud of their history and also want to move with the times. They organize memorial days and new forms of memorials for the bereaved.

A modern and stylish memorial

The corten steel memorial tree is a unique object for cemeteries and crematoria. Memories are given a beautiful place for the next of kin. The name of the departed is inscribed on a leaf in the tree. In case of graves that are going to be cleared a memorial tree will allow the names of the deceased to live on.

Personalized memorial leaves

The memorial tree is a ‘living’ monument at cemeteries and scattering grounds; memorial leaves are added continuously. The names of the deceased are engraved on the metal leaves of the tree. Each leaf contains the name and date of birth and death. Over time, the leaves discolor with the name as a lasting reminder.