Unique memorial-trees for cemetaries, crematoriums, burial grounds, memorial gardens,
auditoriums, individual graves & also inside memorial spaces

What are memorial trees

The last decades have seen a dramatic shift in practice from burials to cremations. More often than not scattering of ashes is the preferred choice of the bereaved. However, the families remain with the desire to have a special place to return to. This gives crematoria and cemeteries new roles. They are proud of their history but understand the need to move with the times, by way of providing testaments and lasting memories for relatives and loved ones.

The timeless style and grace of the memorial-tree, made from corten weathering steel becomes a focal point in the remembrance gardens and spaces of cemeteries and crematoria. The name & dates of birth and death are engraved on an individual leaf. Relatives have the opportunity, with the current lack of space and also the practice of removal of graves from cemeteries, to still have a beautiful alternative for remembrance with a unique and cost-effective memorial.