Sizes for all requirements

Memorial trees are available in three standard sizes:

  • Large: 320 cm
  • Medium: 220 cm
  • Small: 120 cm

Even smaller memorial trees of 60 cm or 80 cm (without the capacity for memorial leaves) have also been specially developed as individual grave headstones, markers and memorials.

Large memorial tree: 320 cm

The dimensions of our standard model of memorial tree (for placement in memorial gardens, ash scattering fields, cemeteries, and other memorial spaces) are 320 cm height by 300 cm width. And made from laser cut 12 mm thick COR TEN steel. At the time of fabrication 640 holes are laser-cut in the tree’s branches for the placement of engraved memorial leaves.

The six limbs of the memorial tree along with the circular base-plate, with a diameter of 120 cm, are welded together.

When installed, the 320cm memorial tree (weight 620 kg) & requiring no maintenance is secured to a specially developed two-part concrete foundation (weight 1800 kg). This memorial tree with marine quality welding, when anchored to the foundation, can withstand even the severest of winter storms and will stand for many decades to come.

Medium memorial tree: 220 cm

The 220cm memorial tree with a width of 200 cm, base plate with a diameter of 100 cm and made from 8 mm thick COR TEN steel is specially designed for smaller open spaces. In the branches 440 laser cut holes for memorial leaves are made.

This tree is placed on a specially designed and moulded concrete foundation.

Small memorial tree: 120 cm

The 120 cm memorial tree with a width of 110 cm, base plate with a diameter of 60 cm and made from 6 mm thick COR TEN, has 170 laser cut holes for placement of our small memorial leaves.

For stability, the concrete display plinth rests on a concrete foundation plate placed underneath.