Unique memorial-trees for cemetaries, crematoriums, burial grounds, memorial gardens,
auditoriums, individual graves & also inside memorial spaces

Entrance ways, reception areas and chapels

Memorial-trees in several size (60 cm to 4 metres) can be supplied for installation in entrance halls, hallways, auditoriums and reception areas.

The small memorial-trees can be used during funeral services. Placed on a pedestal or next to the coffin or as an alternative to a book of condolences. Names and messages can be written on leaf shaped sheets of paper (also provided by us) and are hung with a magnet on the tree. At a later time these written leaves can be given to the next of kin.

The dimensions for inside memorial-trees can vary from 60 cm to 3 m. The round base plate is a sufficient foundation to place the memorial-tree to stand alone on any flat space. Small trees can be placed on a wooden or stone base.

The inside memorial-tree gets its beautiful brown-orange rust colour by placing it outside to weather for a few weeks or spraying it regularly at the beginning of its life with water.