Unique memorial-trees for cemetaries, crematoriums, burial grounds, memorial gardens,
auditoriums, individual graves & also inside memorial spaces

Technical data

The dimensions of a standard memorial-tree for placement outside in a memorial garden or cemetery are 3.2 meters high and 3.0 meters wide. The memorial-tree is available in different heights ranging from 60 cm (as an individual gravestone) to a maximum of 4 meters.

A memorial-tree is made up of six component parts of corten steel (also known as weathering steel). These component sections are welded together, so that a 3-dimensional monument is formed.

The memorial-tree is welded to a 12mm circular base plate (also corten steel, quality S355J0WP) with a diameter of 1.20 meters. In the tree, 600 holes are provided for the attachment of the  memorial-leaves.

The corten steel oxidises swiftly in the first 2 months until it gets its distinctive colour. Thereafter, the oxidation process stops. The oxidised layer becomes the protective layer of the tree giving it a lifespan of over 50 years. This means there is no need for maintenance. A model was developed to test the memorial-tree on load and weather conditions. Even with a horizontal wind load with speeds of 140.0 km/h the structure will remain stable.