320 cm Memorial Tree for Colliers Funeral Directors (IRL)

Project: First Memorial Tree in Ireland
Place: Bray
Location: Colliers Funeral Directors
Date: May 2018

Memorial Trees are delighted to have installed the first 320cm memorial tree in Ireland.

At first we didn’t think this size of tree with space for 600 memorial leaves would be appropriate for a Funeral Directors, but Steven Collier, managing director of Collier’s knew differently. Colliers are using a very successful sales strategy for the memorial leaves to be placed on the tree.  They are combining it as an income stream for the business with fund raising and donations to selected local charities.

We installed the memorial tree ourselves with our experienced UK and Irish contractors (Greenacre Productions and GemPrecast). The subsequent lighting and landscaping has been arranged by Colliers.

Doesn’t it look amazing my both day and night!