Urn circle with pine cones

Project: Urn circle with pine cones
Place: Dalfsen (Netherlands)
Location: Roman Catholic cemetery of the Cyriacus parish
Date: March 2023

In collaboration with ceramist Jeltje Borneman, following the example of the urn columns at Heemstede Cemetery, an urn circle with ceramic pine cones has been placed at the Roman Catholic cemetery of the Cyriacus parish in Dalfsen. This cemetery has undergone a major rejuvenation in recent years; with a new chapel, a new urn wall, the memorial tree that we were allowed to place in August 2021 and now this urn circle.

In 3 circles are 15 concrete columns with ceramic pine cones. 1 or 2 axle sleeves can be placed in each column.

The ceramic pine cones adorning the urn columns are inspired by the symbolic meaning of pine cones: traditionally the pine cone stands for awareness and human enlightenment, prosperity and life force. A powerful symbol found worldwide in cathedrals and other sacred places.

The pinecone is stylized, because the perfection of nature is hard to match. Each pine cone is hand crafted and wood fired. This gives it its unique appearance while still maintaining a clear harmony in the circle.