Unique memorial-trees for cemetaries, crematoriums, burial grounds, memorial gardens,
auditoriums, individual graves & also inside memorial spaces


120cm Golden Memorial Tree for Hospital School (UK)

Project: 120cm Golden Memorial tree
Place: Nottingham (UK)
Location: Hospital School, Nottingham Children’s Hospital
Project type: April 2019

Ducklings charity raised the funds to purchase this beautiful golden memorial tree with opaque
Perspex leaves in the colours of the rainbow. Situated in the roof top play area of the children’s
hospital school this is a vibrant art piece to raise the spirits of child in-patients at the Nottingham
children’s hospital and attending the children’s school there. The play area is a happy place for
children and families so the hospital school decided to go for vibrant non-engraved leaves.

The primary function of this memorial tree is as a standalone art piece. However, the staff and families of
bereaved children also know that the tree also serves as beautiful memorial remembering the lives of
children now deceased.